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Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
a possibility they will make substantial cuts to commercial activity along the river. this is a google earth view. rentals and the police skeeting the rink would all be eliminated. this swimming pool but also be eliminated and horseback riding would come to one and and the pool and bike rentals would also be eliminated. they want to put in more than 161 new campsites and add new parking and reduce congested by improving traffic flow. this would add 200 a. of habitat along the river. finally, this is not a done deal they are accepting public input until april 18th. in the newsroom charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> catherine: alcatraz is marking 50 years - since the prison was closed.. a new exhibit of newly discovered photos opened today. among the visitors -- jim albright -- the last prison guard to leave the rock back in 1963. alcatraz started as a fort and became an army disciplinary barracks. it became a prison in 1934.housing some of america's most notorious gangsters - like al capone and mickey cohen. alcatraz became a national park-- nine years after its closing. >> developing news rig
Mar 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
clifford shows us the new route. >> reporter: this is a google earth look along highway one just south of pacifica. this stretch of road is known as devil's slide. the highway here has been plagued for decades by falling rocks and unstable ground, but on of march 26th this mile and half long stretch of roadway will be permanently closed to traffic. and cars traveling on highway one will be re- routed through a pair of twin tunnels that bypass devils slide altogether. to the north, highway one will closed down here and traffic will be transferred onto a pair of new bridges that lead to and from the tunnels.. which enter the mountain here... each tunell will have a single 12 foot wide travel lane with shoulders on each side. once cars enter the tunnels they will travel about 4/5ths of mile underneath this mountain before reconnecting with highway one on the other side, completely bypassing the old roadway. the bypass tunnels have been 8 years in the making with a price tag of 439 millions dollars. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> a warm day in the bay area. this is a liv
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2